Lessons Learned in Basement Workshop Set-Ups – Plaster & Disaster

You know we love talking about basements on this blog! That's probably because we spend a disproportionate amount of time in our basements, as that is each where we have our workshop set up and do most of our DIY projects. Sage set hers up first, and Naomi followed after seeing how awesome Sage's was and getting jealous. These are clearly NOT meant to be pretty spaces, just organized, flexible, and functional. [ 942 more words ]


Dealing with Asbestos Floors – Plaster & Disaster

As I shared a few weeks ago, I laid down a new VCT tile floor on top of our old asbestos floor. Encapsulating it like this is usually the safest option as long as the asbestos tile isn't breaking or peeling up, which we were told by several professionals that we had come and take a look at the space. [ 891 more words ]


Building a Squirrel House – Plaster & Disaster

The great thing about DIY is that, since you are doing it yourself you can do whatever you want, even if that thing you want is to build a house for a squirrel. Or in this case, a family of squirrels. But let me back up... My parents are redoing the roof and solar panels on their house, which has the unfortunate side effect of evicting a sweet squirrel couple who have been living beneath the panels. [ 1,170 more word ]


Master bedroom planning – Plaster & Disaster

Happy Monday! Today I'm talking about some changes to the master bedroom that we're planning on tackling in the next few months. This was one of the first rooms we worked on when we moved in 3.5 years ago, because I knew it would help us feel so much more settled to have a finished bedroom. We painted it a dark blue/gray… [ 901 more words ]


So How’s the Writing Going? (And My Amateur Tips for Creative Success) – Plaster & Disaster

You might remember from our various annual goals posts (2017 // 2018) that I am working on a novel, but I haven’t talked about it too much here. That is the same approach I tend to take in my personal life as I try not to be that person who is always talking about their personal journey through their creative endeavor. [ 1,304 more word ]


Tiny Stairwell Makeover – Plaster & Disaster

This is part of our Tiny House, Tiny Bloggers series, in which we turn over Plaster & Disaster to some VERY tiny bloggers to tell their own story of transforming an ugly, old (doll)house into a fresh and modern (doll)home. Follow it from the beginning here. Disclaimer: Inclusion on this blog is not an endorsement by Plaster & Disaster of the tiny blogger’s methods or design decisions. [ 439 more words ]


Craigslist Finds: Awesome or Terrible? - The 2018 Trend Edition – Plaster & Disaster

Few things are more fun than being judgmental of things on the internet... except, of course, being judgmental of things on the internet along with other people. That's why one of our favorite games together is looking at craigslist and trying to parse whether the things we see are awesome or terrible, and our other favorite game is making snarky predictions about blogging trends for the coming year… [ 593 more words ]


Basement floor update – Plaster & Disaster

I shared some basement updates recently, including a plumbing project to fix our bathroom sink drainage and some rearranging and functional updates to improve my workshop. I also shared this photo of the space right at the bottom of the basement stairs: Which is definitely a big change from how it had been looking: Indeed, I laid a new floor and painted the walls! [ 593 more words ]


Tiny Upholstered Bed for Two – Plaster & Disaster

This is part of our Tiny House, Tiny Bloggers series, in which we turn over Plaster & Disaster to some VERY tiny bloggers to tell their own story of transforming an ugly, old (doll)house into a fresh and modern (doll)home. Follow it from the beginning here. Disclaimer: Inclusion on this blog is not an endorsement by Plaster & Disaster of the tiny blogger’s methods or design decisions. [ 1,162 more word ]



Sorry for the late post today! Thanks go to Sage who graciously reminded me that it is actually Monday even if it is a Monday in a long weekend in which it is OK to be in bed at 9 a.m. There are many decor questions in my house that are easy to answer. I knew pretty much what I wanted my… [ 649 more words ]


Discharge Dyeing Part 2 of 2: (Mostly) Learning from My Mistakes – Plaster & Disaster

I hope that everyone had a good laugh at the epic disaster that was my first attempt at discharge dying! It was a totally new technique for me so I can't say I'm too surprised that it didn't turn out as planned. I ended up with shibori-folded pieces that were more patterned than "shibori looking," oddly pink splatter patterns, ugly holes from over exposing to undiluted bleach, and a whole lot of lessons learned. [ 1,121 more word ]


Kitchen Loves and Regrets – Plaster & Disaster

We've been living with our renovated kitchen/sunroom/dining room/mudroom for about a year now, and we still marvel that we get to use such a beautiful space everyday that looks so different than when we first bought it. Of course there are always things you learn along the way and would reconsider if you had a do-over, so now that we've been using the space for a good long while I thought I'd follow up and share a few of the things we especially love and the things we would have done differently if we could turn back time. [ 1,250 more word ]


Advice for a World Famous Ugly Coffee Table – Plaster & Disaster

Everyone who reads this blog is probably aware that we are world-famous TV stars who executed a stunning, come-from-behind-victory on a very dramatic episode of Flea Market Flip. (And if you have somehow missed that, check out our recaps of Buy Day, Workshop Day, and Sell Day... now, before we spoil it even more. Also you can watch it… [ 708 more words ]


Discharge Dyeing Part 1 of 2: The Disaster Part – Plaster & Disaster

I'm not really that into fashion or clothes, but every once in a while something sneaks into my pinterest feed of home decor that catches my attention. That happened recently with a few images of clothes made with shibori designs or cool patterns made by discharge dyeing, and I went down a bit of a rabbit hole. Cool right? Discharge dyeing is basically removing (i.e. [ 1,163 more word ]


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Super Donut Sunday -S

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The Caribbean is sunny and warm, but there’s no place like home.

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You’re never to old to watch @musicofmadaila rock Boston’s socks off. #highschoolreunion

Little Things, Big Wins – Plaster & Disaster

Well hello there! The other day we were hanging out playing with our dollhouse (like the grown adult women that we are), and we got to talking about little things that have improved our lives in surprisingly big ways. And then we realized we were being super selfish not sharing these amazing discoveries with you. Also, we thought it we told you about these things, you might tell us about awesome things that have made your life better. [ 933 more words ]


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Learning to Plumb – Plaster & Disaster

Happy Monday! Thank you so much for everyone who helped us celebrate our blog anniversary the last few weeks with our Blog Madness extravaganza. And since we just spent a lot of time showing you beautiful images of other people's homes, I figured that today I could slip in some much-less-beautiful content about two of the least pinnable design subjects: plumbing and basements. [ 2,286 more words ]


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It was a good day to get a day/year older. -S

2018 Blogging Trend Predictions -- Going for the Hat Trick – Plaster & Disaster

Thank you all for participating in Blog Madness 2018 to help us make our (third) annual Plaster & Disaster Blogging Trend Predictions! It was a bold experiment in sports puns and a different kind of "bracket" for a DIY blog, but your votes and comments made all the time we spent compiling collages totally worth it. (And in case you missed the fun, you can follow along from the… [ 1,060 more word ]


So Much Closet Progress That It's Done! – Plaster & Disaster

Thank you all for voting and participating in Blog Madness last week! We'll be back Wednesday to announce the ULTIMATE 2018 TREND and lay out all of our 2018 predictions, but today we're back to our regular DIY content. And it's exciting because in a wholly unprecedented move for me, I am actually ahead of where I planned to be on a DIY project: I've finished the closet makeover! [ 1,519 more word ]


Sprucing Up the Basement & Workshop – Plaster & Disaster

One of the goals I set for myself in 2017 was to "make the basement less scary." I then proceeded to do nothing in the basement for about 10 months. But as I mentioned in our report-back on 2017 goals, I did eventually get my act together and make a little progress -- I just haven't blogged about it yet. [ 1,113 more word ]


Our 2018 Goals – Plaster & Disaster

Here we are in 2018, which means one thing: it's time to set ourselves some new goals! We're both goal-oriented individuals in our personal lives, and so we've carried this practice over to the blog in the form of sharing and then reporting back on some of the goals in our lives for the year ahead. (If you missed us… [ 1,983 more word ]


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We finally broke down and bought a gas powered snow blower to replace our dinky electric one. You wouldn’t think a snow blower purchase would be a tale of human goodness and kindness, but this one is. We were motivated to buy it because our neighbor Jerry ALWAYS snow blows our driveway before we have the chance to, and we need the ability to pay him back. And we were only able to get this home because a kind stranger named Mike with a truck (and a F*ck Trump bumper sticker) took pity us on the Home Depot parking lot when Home Depot insisted on selling us a fully assembled model even though it wouldn’t fit in our car. Mike offered to drive our new purchase 20 minutes to our house alongside the snow blower he was there buying for himself. The challenge is now on to pay it forward. -S

Blogging Trend Predictions: The 2017 Report Card – Plaster & Disaster

As is our custom, we kicked of 2017 by making some predictions about the future of the blogging world. We have a pretty good track record here and are definitely known for having our finger on the pulse of what is fashionable with kids adults decorating their homes, throwing elaborate parties, and writing about it on the internet, so we were feeling pretty confident. [ 789 more words ]


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Back over the green (currently white) mountains, home-bound. -S

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Vermont be cold, but beautiful. -S

Bonus Post! Recipes to Try This Winter – Plaster & Disaster

I know that we said we were off for the rest of the year, but I did want to pop in and share a few of the recipes I've been having fun with lately. As I shared when I posted my DIY recipe book recently, baking is one of the few hobbies that I've allowed to remain a hobby. I only do it when I feel like it and there is no pressure - it is simply a bonus. [ 397 more words ]


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Whether you’ve finished celebrating or still have multiple holidays ahead of you like our blended family does, merry merry to you and yours! -S

2017 Goals: How’d We Do?

We're going to be taking some time off for the holidays, so for our final post of 2017 we thought it was only appropriate to report back on how we've done on the goals we set for ourselves last January. When we did a status check in July, it felt like we still had a long time to make headway...but now the moment of reckoning has come! [ 1,579 more word ]


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Cat by candlelight -S

The Most Disastrous Disasters of 2017

I know we're not the only ones wondering how it suddenly became mid-December, but here we are! This is the time of year when other blogs are taking you on beautiful holiday home tours and doing year-end look backs on all the amazing projects they did this year. But here at Plaster & Disaster, we aren't too great at decorating for the holidays… [ 543 more words ]


Super Simple DIY Recipe Book

Lately I've been paying more attention to a bad habit of mine, which is that whenever I enjoy doing something I do my very best to turn it into a responsibility. Like DIY? Let's start a blog with deadlines and accountability to do projects and posts! Like writing? Let's set a goal to write a novel this year and track weekly word count in a spreadsheet! [ 946 more words ]


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Nothing to see here, just drilling a hole in the basement ceiling with the most giant drill I’ve ever seen. -S

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No beautiful snowfall pics on this IG account, just plumbing projects. -S

Bedroom Updates

Happy Wednesday! Thanks so much for the kind words last week about the jewelry vanity I built in our bedroom as part of some small updates I've been making in the space. I've made some other small tweaks that I figured I may as well share, though I'm not sure how interesting they are. I'm really selling this post, aren't I? [ 977 more words ]


(Even More) Craigslist Finds: Awesome or Terrible?

Welcome to another Craigslist: Awesome or Terrible post! This is when we invite you in one of our favorite games: deciding whether what we see for sale on craigslist is amazing or horrible. Long-time readers know the drill by now. In the same way that our favorite stories take familiar elements and make them exciting again with new twists or ideas, we look for things that are novel and interesting for our homes. [ 626 more words ]


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So many regrets -S

The (Tiny) Details that Make a House a Home

This is part of our Tiny House, Tiny Bloggers series, in which we turn over Plaster & Disaster to some VERY tiny bloggers to tell their own story of transforming an ugly, old (doll)house into a fresh and modern (doll)home. Follow it from the beginning here. Disclaimer: Inclusion on this blog is not an endorsement by Plaster & Disaster of the tiny blogger’s methods or design decisions. [ 731 more words ]


Floating Jewelry Storage

Having wrapped up our backyard improvements for the season, I've been sort of putzing around the house aimlessly working on a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Even though it hasn't been as satisfying as a whole room makeover, I've made some meaningful progress on a few things that have sitting on my to-do list forever but perpetually getting bumped for bigger projects. [ 1,911 more word ]


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Thanksgiving is just so tiring -S

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We're taking the week off of posting, and look forward to being back next Monday. In the meantime, here's our little plug to skip Black Friday and Cyber Monday and save up for Giving Tuesday (which is November 28th). We posted two years ago about why Giving Tuesday is great and worth celebrating -- at least in our minds, a lot better than feeding into the commercial machine that makes WalMart and Target employees go to work at 5pm on Thanksgiving Day. [ 52 more words ]


Top Gifts for Your DIYer Friend

It's basically the winter holidays, isn't it? Terrifying. We don't tend to do a lot of holiday type content on this blog (beyond once giving you a real look at what our houses look like around the holidays). But there is one spot where we think we an add some value: good gift ideas for your DIYer friend. The ideas we provide below cover a pretty wide range of price points depending on how much you're looking to spend. [ 1,389 more word ]


Mostly Building Shoe Shelves (Closet Update #1)

I shared the plans for my closet storage makeover just two weeks ago, and I'm thrilled to report that I've already made some progress on this project! As a reminder, here is what I'm going for: Essentially, I'll be adding in shoe shelves along the bottom and a drawer/cubby system on one side to give us more useful and differentiated storage, shrinking the coat rack to allow for this, reorganizing, and painting it so that it actually looks kind of nice. [ 699 more words ]


Progress Flashback

2017 has been a productive year for both of us, one in which Naomi made serious progress in her terrifying basement and finished her dining room makeover, and Sage finally finished her kitchen renovation and made her yard significantly less ugly. Still, as we transition between projects it can be easy to focus on how much more is still ahead of us. [ 680 more words ]


(Partially) Fixing a Plumbing Disaster

Lately things have been trending in a positive direction on the home front as we wrap up a productive season of hard work on the outside of our house, which is mostly a good thing but also sometimes leaves me feeling like we're not upholding the "disaster" portion of our name quite enough. Fortunately my house has remedied that concern, with our recent discovery that the basement was full of water. [ 1,344 more word ]


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